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New Patient Reviews

They Help You Feel At Ease

While I’m at a very early stage, the staff and particularly Dr. Clifford are the first I feel have actually taken the time to listen to my symptoms. Dr. Clifford was able to organise the right x-rays to diagnose my problem. I had spent 4 wks with others just saying they didn’t know. It’s daunting at this early stage but all the team go out of their way to help you feel at ease. I’m glad I found this clinic.

-Carolanne B.

Explained in Detail

Absolutely fantastic. Whatever I asked it was explained in details, staff is so welcoming there, it s like a family welcoming you everytime you get there. I am so lucky I ve found them.

-Luda H.

I Cannot Praise Dr.Clifford and The Haven Pain Relief Centre Enough

I phoned Haven at 9am on a Thursday morning to enquire about the possibility of an appointment to have a new and acute lower back problem attended to. I was hoping to get one within 10 days. I was seen that evening, and my recovery started properly then. I cannot praise Dr.Clifford and the Haven Pain Relief Centre enough. Their whole setup is friendly and comfortable, but more importantly it is efficient and effective. I will be informing anybody who will listen about this centre, and I feel I owe a great debt to the two people who put me on to Haven, as well as to the humble healer himself.

-John F.

Extremely Helpful

I felt it was extremely helpful that what was wrong with me was explained in depth, so I could understand why I was feeling pain and restrictions in those areas! Would recommend 100%

-Leah L.

Pain Free Back

Went to Dr. Clifford with back problem. I was finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. But after a few visits to the clinic. I feel a lot looser and pain free. Dr. Clifford is first class at his profession and would recommend him to anyone. Keep up the good work!

-John M.

No More Headaches

I’m really happy to find a good and professional practitioner. I feel better after each visit literally. Since my sports experience when I was child headache was my “normal routine”. My previous treatment experiences didn’t give desired result. Now I feel comfortable when I walk, stand or sit, no headaches. The atmosphere in clinic is very pleasurable and staff is very friendly and nice. Thank you!

-Nataly K.

Greatly Improved My Posture

Meeting with Dr. Michael Clifford has greatly improved my posture, clarity of mind and body, general health and wellness. I can thank Michael for giving me a quality of life without pain.
Haven Chiropractic is not just a centre for pain relief it is a wellness centre in the improvement of having a good quality of life with great energy, improved fitness levels and above all knowing that professionals are on hand to help one de-stress and eliminate pain even in emergency is a huge plus.

-Kate O.

Thanks For Making Me Feel So Well

Lovely welcome from staff and always a Lovely cup tea. I could not sit for to long or stand on certain position. And was on pain Dr. Michael Clifford has relieved me of pain and have found out my problem so really happy so far. And still a way to go, just feel better all round. Definitely recommend Dr. Michael. Thanks for making me feel so well.

-Stacey R.

Felt Welcomed

From the time I entered the clinic I was made to feel so welcome by Natasha who could not do enough to help. Dr. Michael who explained everything to me and made it so clear. I am happy to continue with my treatment. My pain was very severe and I cant believe after a few visits how well I feel. My treatment will continue and I have great faith in Dr. Michael and the future. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Clifford and Haven Clinic to anyone who needs it

-Anne W.

Friendly Staff

The environment of the practice is beautiful! It’s relaxing the minute you step in. The staff and Michael are super friendly and helpful! As predicted I am sore now but look forward to my next appointment to get rid of my issue for good! Guys it is a pleasure to speak to you and to get the help I need! Your great!

-Manny L.

Wonderful First Experience

Wonderful first experience. Due to Michael’s honesty and the fact that he didn’t make clams that he wouldn’t be able to stand over like some had done in the past. Really made me comfortable in the knowledge I had made the right choice.

-Laura W.

Helped Back Pain

michael-o-callaghanI had been suffering with my back for 6 and a half years, following an accident, I was knocked down by a 6 tonne fork lift. I was in theatre for pain blocks and had seen numerous doctors, I even had 3 nerves removed from my back. I was seeing a physiotherapist for 2and a half years as well as other chiropractors and many other medical professionals.

When I came to Dr Michael I couldn’t walk without a stick, I couldn’t sleep, I was in severe pain all the time. I dreaded getting into the car. I felt like my life was ruined. Everyday life was a struggle.

At the start of September I met Dr Michael in Wilton shopping centre and I felt that he was the first medical professional I met that actually understood me and my pain. I was booked in very quickly and the pain relief I got was absolutely unbelievable. I feel fantastic, I find it easier to walk, I can now sleep better, I can sit in the car easier and I don’t have to use the stick a lot.

He has helped me so much, I find the staff brilliant and very helpful and can talk to them very easily.

I am now off to Australia for a few months to visit my son feeling so much better that I did thanks to Dr Michael.


Thank You

Dear Dr Michael,

Just want to say a massive thank you for Danielle’s adjustment yesterday. The difference straightaway was unreal! At the time of writing this she is 10 days old and she had been crying in pain with constipation and colic symptoms from the moment she was waking for the last 4 days in a row. We tried all the usual remedies which might ease for an hour but later she was screaming again.

As a mum there is no sound worse than hearing your baby scream in pain especially when you can’t take it away. As I of course am a huge believer in chiropractic it was a no brainer to bring her in to you to get checked. As soon as she was adjusted she started passing wind and by the time we got to the car park she had gone to the toilet which she had struggled to do since birth and her stomach had been bloated.

The relief on her face was wonderful. At the moment she is looking at me alert and happy, something she couldn’t do the last couple of days because of the pain. Thanks for giving me my contented little baby back!
-Natasha and Danielle now

Highly Recommend

Personally I would highly recommend Chiropractic care, it’s for everybody.


Relaxing, friendly atmosphere, staff (Natasha & Valerie) are helpful and welcoming. Dr. Michael has been patient and reassuring at a time I thought my health and body had given up on me.
I cannot thank him enough. Wonderful, he has given me my life back.
-Monica C.

Enjoy Freedom Of Movenmets

He has been exceptional in his treatment of my issues. I enjoy a freedom in my movements which I never thought possible. He always has given me the utmost attention in terms of my treatment.
Listen to your Chiropractor and don’t just limit the treatment to the visits here! Look further at your lifestyle and your health will benefit!
-Michael B.

Chiropractic Has Helped Me

Chiropractic has helped me so much, but not just the obvious physical improvement, I have to energy, breathe more easily (tendancy to asthmatic chest) and feel really alive again!

Michael’s approach is very kind, very down to earth and it seems to me that he is genuinely concerned for his patient’s health. With his obvious expertise and experience, combined with a naturally healing and gentle presence. He also has a holistic view of health so is helpful on other levels also. He is very patient as well.
-Gillian W.

Very Friendly

Very friendly – helpful. Reminder texts and emails sent for each appointment.
-Denis P.


Brilliant, can’t fault Michaels methods at all, only for him I wouldn’t be able to work, rest or play.
-Dave R.

Lovely Place

Haven Chiropractic is a lovely place. The staff are welcoming and friendly. The waiting room is spacious and relaxed. The treatment rooms are warm and cosy. Dr. Michael is a patient and understanding man who always listened to what I had to say. Thank you!
-Christina B.

Doing Something For My Lower Back Pain

My chiropractic story started about 8 weeks ago. I was browsing through the GrabOne newsletters in my e-mail inbox, when I came across a pocket friendly deal for a Prescribed Orthopaedic Massage with Pain Assessment & Full Examination at Haven Chiropractic in Douglas. The location was suitable and as I often had thought of doing something about my lower back problem I thought this might be something I would benefit from. I checked out Haven Chiropractic’s website. Dr. Clifford’s story looked genuine and his chiropractic experience well documented. Together with the details of his qualifications and the patients’ testimonials I decided Haven Chiropractic was a place I could trust.

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I booked the GrabOne deal and got an appointment at Haven for the following week. After an initial assessment Dr. Clifford sent me for a spinal x-ray. The x-ray showed that my hips were out of alignment causing scoliosis. On a day-to-day level this resulted in a lingering pain in the lower back area, difficulty getting in and out of the car, difficulty putting on and taking off trousers, socks and shoes. Certain household chores such as hoovering, sweeping the floor, hoovering the car or anything that involved the bending of the back or lifting were all things I tried avoiding.

In recent years I also experienced sciatica, affecting the right hand side of my lower back and my right leg. My condition began in my teenage years. A gradual inset would be the best way to describe it. I started kayaking when I was 10 but had to give it up at 13 as my lower back was painful after the training sessions and the pain would not go away no matter how much I rested.

Ever since I have been swimming to ease my lower back pain and to maintain flexibility. I am 33 years old now. Looking back at photographs of myself my posture was not great either, which probably contributed to the scoliosis. I was never really pro-active about improving my spinal health as I thought my condition was something I had to learn to live with and that my condition was not “bad enough”. I am now glad that I started receiving treatment before things got even worse.

For the first month I attended the clinic three times a week. I am now attending twice a week for another month. I still experience stiffness in the lower back area after lifting/bending but to a much lesser extent than I did before I started receiving treatment. My sinus problems surprisingly noticeably improved, which I did not think was linked to my back problem.

I sleep through the night and use my nasal rinse less frequently. My quality of sleep is better and as a result I am more alert during the day. I am looking forward to achieving a better posture and more flexibility and to tell you the rest of my story at a later stage.

I would highly recommend Haven Chiropractic to anybody for overall well-being whether they have back problems or not. The surroundings are pleasant and immaculately clean, the waiting area and the treatment rooms nicely furnished using state-of-the-art technology and the staff are welcoming.

Chiropractic Has Improved My Discomfort

I am a Chiropractic patient now for many years. But that isn’t a negative thing by any means. I had severe pain when I first came to ‘The Koru Clinic’ I had arthritis in my neck and shoulder not to mind a lower back disc problem.

With very regular adjustments in the beginning and exercises to do at home, I improved steadily and quickly. My pain and discomfort had become a memory. I am now on maintenance, something I thought I would never see.
-Paula C.
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In everyday life we can all overdo it from time to time. I decided to wash my car one day bu t unfortunately I hurt my lower back. This is a weak spot for me and I should have known better. Luckily for me, Dr. Michael treated me the following day, I followed through on his recommendations at home and I was back in shape within 2 days. Without Chiropractic treatment and his advice, it would have taken me weeks and weeks to recover.

I feel my health in general is better since I have attended the clinic. I have nothing but positive things to say about chiropractic care and all the staff at Koru Clinic. I hope my story will help you realise that my everyday life is easier.

Very Informative

Professional, friendly staff in a clean warm environment. Was offered a cup of coffee on arrival. Very informative. Very accessible with parking. Keep up the good work. Would not change anything.
-Jean O.

Good Orthopedic Massage

Most of my living social (massage) voucher experiences have been short and sweet visits; not so with Haven Chiropractic. I booked an orthopedic massage and I was given an examination by Dr. Michael Clifford and a really good orthopedic massage by Marian whose treatment was A1 and very thorough. And a follow up meeting with Dr. Michael Clifford. I was over an hour in the Clinic. With most other vouchers I would be in/out in less than 40 mins. Well done Haven!
-Claire D.

So Impressed

I’m so impressed with the chiropractic service I’ve converted my two kids, and am on the verge of getting my husband to sign up for assessment (which is no mean feat!) -Theresa D.

Feel Safe And Well Cared For

Dr. Michael Clifford and all his team especially Natasha are so experienced and professional that you can feel nothing other than safe and well cared for. They are always friendly and caring giving even those of us who are the most cautious, confidence in their care. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending All at Haven and in fact have had my children treated by Dr. Clifford. From an extremely happy and more importantly well client. – Sylvia S.

Successful Treatment

I had a very successful treatment under Dr. Michael Clifford and am now pain free after suffering months of pain and discomfort, I now go every three months for an adjustment treatment as I find that this has improved my general health and well being. -Liam O.

Highly Recommend

I have been treated by Dr. Clifford since he started practicing in Ireland and I would highly recommend him. -Elaine M.

Informative Visit

Found the visit to be informative and Dr. Michael explained very clearly my options. Staff very welcoming and helpful. -Grainne C.

Nicest Clinic

Haven Chiropractic Clinic is the nicest clinic I ever attended. From the moment you walk in the door the staff are extremely friendly and professional and put you at ease at all times . The Clinic is superbly laid out and comfortable. It’s a pleasure to walk in there. Well done to all . -Ann O.

Always Recommend To Others

I’ve always recommended Haven Chiropractic to others. – Anne C.